Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Debut movie review by Trisha, age 9. ;-)

Zathura I found better than my sister did, and I liked it, but I really did not like the acting of the main characters, and they could've done it a lot better! The movie was bad in ways, but it was okay!
Walter. It already looks like he's a bad actor because of the picture to me. Sorta.

And the sister is so stupid at first I'm just like "Don't you realize what's going on?" These kids were put in space by a game, that was pretty interesting, but many things I was just like "ahh." Bad. The older brother's reactions were annoying, the younger one was whiny, the sister was dumb. The astronaut was really, very plain. My dad fell asleep. I don't know of boredom or tiredness.  I think of tiredness. Could've been much, much better. The movie started with those kids and their poor dad. They're so bratty while he's trying to work I couldn't believe it. The younger one ruins some of his work by throwing a ball wanting to play with his brother and knocking a drink on it. The younger is Danny, and the older Walter. The sister is Lisa. The sister is clueless and she won't wake until what? 2? It never said but lots of the movie continued and she slept. I liked the main part of the plot. The rest I didn't like.
My rating::: 2 and 1/2 stars.


  1. I enjoyed reading your review. I love the 'idea' of the movie, too. I agree, it had so much potential!

  2. Great job with your first review! :)


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