Saturday, October 27, 2012


Rêverie has a sweetness and charm that is in short supply these days. It is a movie that wears its heart on its sleeve and makes uses of cuteness that will doom any movie if it is applied too fiercely.

The plot is simple, and so it should be, for it is a short film (and a very short one at that.) A little girl (Joke Hallemeersch, who is both lovely and likable) sits in the car in a supermarket parking lot, waiting for her mother to come back with the groceries. She watches the people outside the store, and sees a little boy about her age. Their eyes meet, and she begins to daydream...

       What really stands out here is the cinematography, documenting the girl's smiles and glances in an intimate fashion. Director Jaro Minne had the two child actors play together before shooting the film, so the kids are genuinely comfortable together.

   This is an impressive achievement, especially considering the lack of dialogue. It engages the non-ADD viewer in just under four minutes, and is certainly worthwhile for anyone who bothers to look.

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  1. Good review, will go off and be a person who bothers to look for this


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