Sunday, October 28, 2012


Editor's Note: This is Trisha's debut review. She is eight years old.

Minecraft is a amazing game! There are modes and worlds for you online! You build and survive! There are monsters and your health has hearts. You have 10 hearts. You have hunger and you can get armor. You need to chop down trees in the first place so you can build. And make a crafting table.
 Use E to go to your inventory and then put 4 wood planks all around your crafting area then you have a crafting bench/work bench. It makes bigger amounts for other crafting like a axe. You can mine or adventure and get supplies.

 Mining and adventuring can get very different things or very similar. Adventuring you get nature, cactus from deserts. The biomes are: grassland, forest, ocean, desert, pine forest, tundra, jungle, snow grass land, desert hills, extreme hills, mushroom island, and sandy tundra. Plus overlapping biomes coming soon. When you mine you can get ore ,and you can go adventuring in jungle temples and sand castles. The special extra findable places I know of are: sand castles, jungle temples, villages, dungeons, fortresses, and nether fortresses. Plus dragon caves coming soon. You can find lots of ore. Here are the ores: coal, iron, gold, lapus lazuli, diamond, emerald, redstone, plus ruby coming soon. You can see your seed. Your seed is the thing that makes your world. If you type a seed that is not there, on your user it will be made and if you type that seed again it will be the same. The seeds change every update.

 To get supplies, you can kill animals and monsters. Of course, It’s nicer to monsters, but sometimes you need things from animals. The animals are:  chicken, cow, wolf, sheep, pig, squid, ocelot, mooshroom. Monsters: Skeleton, zombie, spider, endermen, spiderjocky, slime, magma cube, blaze, ghast, ancient ghast (May be removed).

When you’ve mined a bit and adventured a bit, you should start a house, or keep on adventuring, but you need at least a shelter if your inventory's full, because even if there is something good ahead of you, you could get a map, and just go adventuring more, with the stuff in a chest. You can't just make 2 maps; you have to go outside of one, or you are in the same map, but if you leave one map, then there will be a square in your direction.  With whatever blocks you want, you can start a house, but sand and gravel will fall.

There are main bosses. I have only known one. The ender dragon. You can get ender pearls and blaze rods and make ender eyes, and use them. You throw them and they will lead you to the fortress where the ender portal is. He is hard. You will need enchanted stuff. Like diamond chest plate with protection V4 and feather falling V2. Feather falling will make it so; when you fall it does not damage your armor. And a sword with looting V3 and sharpness V5 and knock back V4. And a bow with power V5 and punch V4 and flame V3. There are endermen in the end too. They can teleport and they do, I think, 2 hearts of damage each hit on easy, but only if you look in their eyes or hit them. They attack you, and in the new update, they will call more endermen.

In the new update, they added the wither boss. You make him with 3 wither skeleton heads on top of each soul sand, and 2 soul sand with 2 more soul sand on both sides of the top. He is easier than the ender dragon, but he can dig and throw balls that make huge holes, and he heals himself, He does not need anything but life.

In the new update, they made it more realistic.


  1. My son loves this game. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get him to stop playing it long enough for him to do his chores or even his homework. But it is fun to see him get SO excited about something, especially now that he has hit the stage where everything is boring.

  2. My girls just started playing MineCraft and they LOVE it, too.

    Is there any way that people can be "friends" or work together on Minecraft?

    1. If you go on a online world, or if your in the same house, you can start lan world, then direct connect with the right code from the other computer, and no other people can join.

  3. Well I have an 8-year-old boy so perhaps I need to have him check this out.


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