Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nocturne by Syrie James

Nicole Whitcomb is an intelligent, gorgeous, independent woman, spending a weekend at a dear friend's wedding in snowy Colorado. She is carrying a painful secret, and her personal and professional life is stagnant. While the weekend has been a delightful escape for her, we sense she's carrying a heavy burden. As she rushes over mountain roads, trying to beat a snowstorm on her way to the airport, her car runs off the road. A reclusive stranger, Michael Tyler, comes to her rescue. As Nicole takes refuge in his house, waiting for the storm to blow over -- unsurprisingly -- they kindle a romance. But Michael is hiding a dark secret of his own which is likely to send her fleeing in terror.

I am quite a fan of Syrie James' last novel, Dracula, My Love, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review Nocturne. To be honest, while Nocturne was eloquently written with interesting characters, I didn't find it nearly as captivating as Dracula, My Love. It didn't have the same richness, and the story was predictable. Of course romances are often predictable, and that's part of the reason they're like literary comfort food. :-) But as Trisha pointed out -- and I'm trying hard to avoid spoilers here -- there were several twists that seemed a bit too coincidental.

On the other hand, I liked Nicole and enjoyed the story, and it was a light, sexy read. It's a bit like Twilight for grown-ups, but more concise and well written, without the annoying sparkly vampires, and-- thank God -- lacking the icky, creepy quality of Edward's relationship with Bella. It also had some interesting literary touches which I enjoyed; I wished they had been developed in more depth.

 I think this novel, by a gifted author, will be quite popular. The reason I didn't love it is probably that I am the wrong audience for this book. I generally don't enjoy romance novels. I chose Nocturne because I'd thoroughly enjoyed a previous, more literary novel by this writer.

For readers who enjoy escaping in a well written, hot romance, with a strong female heroine and touches of classical music, literature, and history woven in, I recommend this book. Read More Reviews: Bookalicious; Eclectic Eccentric; Miss Remmers' Review; Babbling About Books, and More

Rating: 3

5- Cherished Favorite4 - Keep in My Library3 - Good Read2 - Meh1 - Definitely Not
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