Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Trisha

It's official. As further proof that only the good die young, I am -- in fact -- getting old. :-) My "baby" turns 9 today. How did we go from this?

To this?

age 2

To this?

age 6, with big bro

To this?

... in the blink of an eye??

This kid is definitely a product of evolution. She's survived three older siblings and being our guinea pig for unschooling. She's the first of our children not be be sent to public school or required to do compulsory learning of any sort. I just introduce interesting activities, try to support her in her interests, and basically let her grow up -- feral -- in a house full of books, movies, computers, rescued dogs, board games, and other random stuff. A strange experiment that has relatives shaking their heads.

And so far she's really thriving. Teaching herself the 3 R's and being "schooled" when she asks for it. An avid reader. Lover of Doctor Who and Studio Ghibli. Loves animals -- especially foxes, astronomy, cooking, great art, and video gaming. Complete Minecraft nut. Talks incessantly, around the clock, sometimes even in her sleep.

We're going birthday shopping today at Barnes & Noble. She's sure to pick up some Magic Treehouse books and God knows what else. Too bad they don't sell any Doctor Who action figures. her latest thing is collecting Daleks. Go figure. :-)

Happy Birthday, Trisha! I love you!


  1. Happiest day to your sweet delightful little (though not so little any more) Patricia. I feel honored to have her in my life. Sending giant hugs and little happy dances. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Trisha, you'll blink again and she'll be 18 lol. I think your 'unschooling' sounds like a very cool experiment and a wonderful adventure :)

  3. Oh I love seeing kids grow up in blog posts! Amazing isn't it? And she sounds like she is thriving in her "weird" environment! : )

    1. For some kids, weird environments seem to work best. *LOL*

  4. happy birthday Trisha :)

    You have amazing taste for who and ghibli are amazing.

  5. Oh, she is lovely! I hope she had a very happy birthday :)

    Back when you are 9 years old it's still a joyful occasion ^^

  6. awwww....Happy Birthday to her! Too cute!!
    I hope she enjoyed her special day.


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